This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2018. The 2018 National Storm Chaser Convention (also called "ChaserCon") in Denver, Colorado is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such.

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The storm chaser convention in 2018 took place from February 16th through the 18th in Denver, Colorado at the Hilton Doubletree off Quebec Street and just south of I-70. This continued to be a great event each year, thanks to the great efforts of Roger Hill and his group, but unfortunately this year had a lower attendance due to many last minute cancellations, and this convention is rumored to be the last one because of heavy expenses and losses incurred by Roger and his group.

Arrival into Denver International Airport during the late evening of February 15, 2018 with light snow falling.
Sign in Doubletree Hilton for the storm chaser convention during the ice-breaker on February 16 in the late evening.
Skyscapes photography vendor booth offering aluminum prints of severe storms for sale, one of several great vendors there.
Doug Kiesling (left) at our convention table early on February 17.
Convention organizer Roger Hill (left) and storm chaser / vendor Skip Talbot with Storm-Assist (to the right).
James Breitenbach talking about mobile technology for chasing in the vehicle.
Cliff Wyndham with Baron Weather Works talking about his company (founded after the Huntsville, Alabama tornado in November 1989).
Vendor for Safelite Auto Glass talking about special programs for glass replacement in vehicles involved in storms (especially hail damage)!
Tim Vasquez, writer of Digital Atmosphere, talking about his products and storm chasing.
Vendor "panel" of vendors standing up in front of the audience for questions during the morning of February 17.
Dual-polarization DOW (Doppler on Wheels) radar truck on display in the parking lot during the day of February 17.
Scientist Josh Wurman talking about hurricane intercepts done during the year of 2017, amongst future plans and other studies.
Josh Wurman's assistant talking about research operations in 2017 and future plans.
Doctor Jason Persoff talking about mental issues and addictions that may afflict some storm chasers. He did a fantastic speech on this topic.
Inside the dual-polarization DOW (Doppler on Wheels) radar truck with myself sitting in their "office". The images are from Hurricane Harvey in Texas in August 2017 as well as Dode City in May 2016.
Doug Kiesling talking about video rights and copyrights, another fantastic subject.
Tim Marshall doing his key speech about "rogue weather events" in 2017 dressed as Luke Skywalker.
Jason Caster talking about chasing on a budget and tips on saving money on chase trips during the morning of February 18.
Matt Deighton talks on Sunday, February 18 about what hes done during and after the Greensburg KS tornado in May 2007. He focused on recovery and inspiration after major disasters.
Myself in front of one of the chase vehicles parked in front of the hotel during the afternoon of February 18.
View of the Palmer Divide 30 miles to the SE of Denver near Highway 30 on a beautiful and warm winter day (70 deg F) after spending time with Doug and Ryan at Eric Treece's ranch house before returning to the airport.

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