This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2009. The 2009 National Storm Chaser Convention in Denver is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such.

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NSCC Music Presentation For 2009 (Chases Until 2008)


Above is a panoramic shot, a composite of four digital images, of the 2009 National Storm Chaser Convention near Denver (Aurora), Colorado and it's large turn-out of nearly 300 storm chasers, spotter, and weather enthusiasts, on February 14, 2009 at the Red Lion Hotel. This is the 11th annual event and is hosted by Roger Hill and Tim Samaras. This event gets bigger and better each year, and allows storm chasers to share their work, mingle with cutting-edge technology, and learn more about what makes this hobby (or even job for some) worth-while. At this event, amateur chasers and spotters are side-to-side with some of the brightest scientists in meteorology.

This architectural floor design caught my eye when leaving Miami International Airport ... Looks like a satellite image of a hurricane ... Very "Floridian", especially for tourists!
I arrived at the National Storm Chaser Convention a day late due to a cancelled flight the night before. This is the view to the west of the front range of the Rocky Mountains looming over the city from the 10th floor of the Red Lion (formerly the Raddison) hotel.
Here is a view of the National Storm Chaser Convention crowd seated while a presentation is given on hurricane Ike on February 14.
Scientist Josh Wurman is seen here, to the right in the red shirt, and is talking about the DOW (Doppler On Wheels) and TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) as well as the upcoming VORTEX projects in 2009 and 2010.
Here is a picture of Verne and Michael Carlson, far left and right, and Doug Kiesling, center with a remote-control helicopter that has been converted to a camera platform. The highly modified RC helicopter will get close as possible to a tornado and photograph it from a vantage point high above the ground. The Carlson family is a father and son chase team called the "Carlson Chasers". They are also selling the "Storms of 2008" DVD which is a charity that helps benefit victims of storms and the Red Cross.
Here is the vendor table of the chase team, with Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor, who was very famous for the Discover Channel's series called "Storm Chasers". Reed Timmer is noted for getting very close to some of the most impressive tornadoes, and has the footage to show for it. His group was selling T-Shirts and videos as well as explaining their storm chasing expertise to many.
Here is Doug Kiesling (from Breaking News Video Network), flying a small RC helicopter (from the Carlson Chaser team) at our vendor table during a break. Doug and myself were selling DVD videos as well as stock photography of anything ranging from tornadoes and hurricanes to urban photography and winter weather.
Here is a picture of the in-situ tornado probe build by the storm chasers of the group. This is basically a heavy-weighted (lead weights in the base) box with a large plexi-glass dome on the top, housing camera equipment and a data-logger for an anemometer affixed to the unit at a height of 1 meter. This probe was successfully placed in a tornado's core flow region in late May of 2008.
This is a picture of one of the tables at the National Storm Chaser Convention ... Lots of cables, laptop computers, chargers, plugs ... We LOVE electronics!
Here is a picture of the vendor area of the Carlson Chasers, myself (, and Doug Kiesling (BNVN). The modified RC helicopter (and camera platform) can be seen in the foreground, with numerous pictures and DVD videos for sale, including the "Storms of 2008" charity DVD.
This is the demo / vendor area for, specializing in streaming video, and ofcourse, storm chasing. The setup on the table is a mobile unit which is designed to place a web-cam, with full pan and tilt controls / multiple angles, on a chase vehicle and / or location (such as in a hurricane or severe storm environment). The camera system is high resolution and uses IP (internet protocol) via a link through WiFI or 3G (or cell) network with a signal booster and external antenna.
During a break, Verne Carlson and Doug Kiesling (left) talk with the group (Reed Timmer). Veteran tornado and hurricane chaser Jim Leonard (, who also operated Whirlwind Tours, is standing to the right.
Here is a poster for a storm chasing book published by Jon Davies at his vendor area at the convention. Jon Davies and a few others contributed to this publication, along with some very compelling photography and illustrations.
Hurricane forecaster Steve Lyons (from the Weather Channel) is standing here, to the left, and giving a fantastic presentation on the "do's" and "dont's" of hurricane chasing (tropical cyclone interception).
This is our table during the night dinner banquet on February 14 ... The same night chasers present their best videos.


Here is the group of storm chasers that turned out at the hurricane chaser party in the Florida Keys on March 28, 2009. Among the chasers is host Jim Leonard, Scott Mc Partland, Dave Lewison, Cheryl Chang, Mike Laca, Tim Millar, Bill Hark, Chris Kridler, Jack Bevens (NHC), and Jeff Gammons to name a few.
This picture was taken by Bill Hark ( at Jim Leonard's place as we were watching videos and enjoying food and drinks. Clockwise from left: Tim Millar, Scott Mc Partland, Jack Beven (NHC), Max Hagan, Myself, and Dave Lewison.
In this picture, Jeff Gammons, Kerten Mclung, Bill Hark, Mike Laca, and Dave Lewison are taking a break from hours of storm chase videos and enjoying the waterfront in the Florida keys.
This is a picture I caught of Dave Lewison, just after falling into the shallow water off the dock behind Jim Leonard's place!
This is another picture, taken by Dave Lewison ( at Jim Leonard's place. Clockwise from left: Michael Laca, Myself, Chris Kridler, Bill Hark and his girlfriend, and Cheryl Chang.
Here is a picture of Bill Hark, Dave Lewison, and Scott Mc Partland in front of Jim Leonard's place showing off and talking about camera equipment.
Here is host, Jim Leonard, enjoying some BBQ chicken as he mans the grill in front of his place ... I always seem to catch people when they are eating!
Here is the waterfront in front of Jim Leonard's place in the Florida Keys.
Here is another picture of the shallow / sandy water behind Jim's place as Chris Kridler and Dave Lewison are looking for shells as the tide goes out.
Here is Tim Millar's chase vehicle, with equipment on top, parked along the Overseas Highway near Jim's place.

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