This is a video clip of a full skydive from a Bell 206 helicopter at the "Boogie over the Everglades" event at Air Adventures in Clewiston, Florida in February 2002. The video was shot from a Sony TR Digital-8 camcorder mounted on my helmet, to give you a perspective from MY point of view (just as if YOU were making the jump). The footage is from boarding, takeoff, climb to 4,500 feet, and exit. The short freefall is to 2,500 feet, about 15 seconds, where I accelerate from a hovering stand-still on the chopper's skids to 120 MPH in roughly 10 seconds! After the chute opens and its a gentle ride down to the landing area.

The video requires at least a DSL connection and the latest FLASH Media Plugin for best results. This video is hosted to and linked to the YOUTUBE site (you can visit them at Click on the "play" icon in the video above if it does not start automatically.

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