This is the page for my contractor work under SKY-CHASER CONSULTING as well as my career RESUME showing my education and work experience in the IT (Information Technologies) field, such as computer programming and software engineering. This entire web site was hand-coded using HTML by myself. Feel free to check out my work experience in my updated RESUME.


Sky-Chaser Consulting is a sole-proprieted (un-incorporated) contracting company founded by myself under registration number G03209700259 with the state of Florida as of July 28, 2003. Sky-Chaser Consulting can provide a variety of services to suit requirements in the IT fields, journalism, video production, photography, even storm research. A list of basic services available through Sky-Chaser Consulting are shown below.

  • IT contracting / software development. PICK (Databasic, Proc, Access) and other MULTI-VALUE based (PICK like) programming development. 4GL and Business BASIC application development. Visual BASIC applications as well as HTML development. Unix system-level scripting and C programming. PC repair and upgrades (hardware or software). Training also available for computer-related topics.
  • Videography and photography services for special occasions. Video and still photography with digital video / picture editing available. Computer graphics, sound editing, and computer art also available.
  • Severe storm and hurricane journalism. Stock footage of hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms available. Hurricane and / or severe weather coverage on demand is also available for a resonable and negociable fee. I can also offer training in weather-related topics.
  • High voltage electronics including Tesla coiling and Jacobs Ladders for special effects also can be built to suit. Display of these devices is also available.


    Christopher Collura
    Fort Lauderdale / Miami Area, Florida


    Seeking a permanent position as a senior programmer / analyst with the potential for future expansion and longevity.


    Various Companies. Self-Employed Contractor / Consultant.
    July 2010 to Present

    From April 2011 to Present, I am working at 123 EDI as a project manager and programmer / analyst. My responsibilities include project management of EDI implementations from concept through development and installation / training. Main programming tools were in MS Visual FoxPro on both the FoxPro and SQL server database environments. EDI development includes many EDI documents in addition to the standards (such as 810, 812, 830, 832, 850, 855, 856, 860, 865, 940, 945, and 997 to name just a few).

    From July 2010 to Sept 2010, I worked at Oasis Advantage on a rather short 2-3 month contract. Job duties included development and / or support for applications mainly for the HRPS (Pyramid) payroll system as well as extensive use of System Builder on a Universe system. Developed numerous applications for reporting, batch job processing, EDI (using the 834 document), input screens, and such.

    Rally Manufacturing, Senior Programmer / Analyst.
    June 2008 to February 2010

    Full time senior programmer / analyst position for development and maintenance of EDI applications on a large EDI system (150+ trading partners) for the warehouse and customer transactions. Developed and maintained reports for accounting, inventory, order-entry, billing, and such as well. Programming languages involved were Universe (PICK) Unibasic and Proc, MS Visual Basic, and batch scripting for running the EDI jobs. The main EDI documents included 810 (Invoice), 850 (PO), 856 (ASN), and 997 (FA) using Gentran (for Windows) as the translation package. Other EDI documents were 210, 812, 820, 830, 832, 855, 860, 865, 940, and 945.

    Various Companies. Self-Employed Contractor / Consultant.
    August 2002 to May 2008

    From August 2007 to May 2008, I worked at University of Chicago Press for a 3-6 month contract. Job duties included development for applications for inventory, accounting, purchasing, and reports. Designed and implemented changes for existing applications and reports as well as new ones. The system was a Universe system and coding was done mainly in Unibasic (PICK). Major applications were for accounting, inventory, and purchasing. Some EDI programming for 820 documents.

    From February 2007 to July 2007, I worked at Standard Register as programming support consultant to help with a 6-month long project. Supported applications for inventory, job costing, accounting, and purchasing. Designed and implemented changes for existing applications and reports as well as new ones. The system was a Unidata system and coding was done in Unibasic, Proc, and Paragraph. Major applications were for accounting, inventory, and job costing. Job also included development and maintenance of System Builder screens, programs, and reports. Some EDI programming for 810, 850, and 856 documents.

    From June 2006 to December 2006, I helped Healthlink / Wellpoint as a programming consultant for a 3-6 month long project. My responsibilities there were development of programs for reports, maintenance and inquiry for health claims. Mainly Universe (Unibasic) programming and development of PICK applications. Designed custom reports and screens for both inquiry and maintenance of health claims data. Carried out project development from start to finish including interacting with client / user’s needs, development, testing, and documentation. Development of System Builder screens, programs, and reports. Major applications included health claims screens / menus, and reporting.

    From March 2005 to March 2006, I worked on a year-long contracting project at Marriott Vacation Club International. Job duties included troubleshooting and testing of existing reservations and supporting systems in Universe. Mainly Universe (Unibasic) programming and support of existing PICK applications. Designed custom reports and screens using Cygnet 2.0 screen generator. Carried out project development from start to finish including interacting with client / users needs, development, analysis, testing, final implementation, documentation, and lastly, training. Any new project(s) also maintained once completed if fixes / enhancements were requested. Major applications included reservations, screen / menus, and reporting. There was also development of System Builder reports, screens, and processes.

    From August 2002 to July 2004, I worked on an extended contract at Workers Compensation Medical Centers of FL. This was originally a 6-month contract, but was extended to nearly 2 years. Job duties included development of health claim emails and faxing project based on D3 running on AIX (using Unix commands as well as D3 programs). Modification and maintenance of existing PICK applications such as Mega West health claims software programs. Extensive use of GNU Unix graphics packages such as “Ghostscript” and “Htmldoc” as well as PCL (printer control language) programming. Some Unix scripting, HTML, Unix C programming, and Visual Basic as well. Some System Builder development as well (screens and reports).

    Future Metals, Incorporated. Senior developer.
    August 2000 to March 2002

    Full-time position involving the development and enhancement of Universe and Unidata as well as Visual Basic applications. Also development of web-based programs such as HTML with some cgi scripting / c programming. Programming varied from sales and accounting to inventory and report generating / file transfer applications. I was also responsible for a system conversion (from Data General running DGUX to Dell 6400 running Linux) and maintenance of existing applications. Frequently used MS Excel and Word for spreadsheets as well as extensive documentation on many applications.

    Associated Grocers Of Florida. Senior analyst.
    November 1998 to August 2000

    Full-time position including development and extensive enhancement and maintenance of software for sales, accounting, inventory, order entry, and delivery for grocery distribution. Worked on file transfer programs, reporting, display and entry, and various utility programs. System was a Data General running Jbase with BASIC and Proc. Also wrote and maintained several MS Windows applications in Visual Basic as well as HTML programming for the company web site.

    Health Claim Services. Senior Computer Programmer and analyst.
    December 1995 to November 1998

    Full-time position involving the support, maintenance, and development of various accounting, payroll, and HR applications on a Prime Information, an ADDS Mentor PICK System, and Unidata on a Sun system. On the Prime system, designed and implemented system for electronic submission of emergency medical insurance claims and billing information using EDI and NSF formats via modem or magnetic media to major insurance carriers. Extensive maintenance of existing system software for billing and accounting applications as well as the MEDPAC software package. Worked with major system conversion from FACTS package (on the ADDS system) to the BASYS package (on the Sun system) and maintained health claims and eligibility conversion programs between the ADDS and Unidata platforms.

    Designed and managed the custom eligibility interface and applications for the BASYS system as well. Development of report programs and file transfer processes on the accounting side as well as converting and customizing programs between systems. Also set up and configured terminals, hardware, and cabling for the ADDS and Sun Unidata systems. Documented many custom applications and even did some PC programming in DOS batch and MS QuickBasic.

    BGIS Systems, Incorporated. Technical Support Programmer.
    September 1993 to December 1995

    Full-time position for the technical support and computer programming for various clients running Advanced PICK on various UNIX based platforms such as AIX and SCO. Dealt with extensive maintenance of DataBASIC and PROC programs, operating system commands, hardware configuration, System Builder programming, and support for Manage Mate and Street Smarts software packages. Extensive interaction with customers and duties around the office.

    Mobilecomm, Incorporated. Computer operator and programmer.
    June 1990 to September 1993

    Began this first full-time position as a computer operator at entry level performing nightly backups, starting daily, weekly, or monthly data processing jobs, and utilizing various operating system commands for McDonnell Douglas 18-600 and Microdata 9000 computers both running the PICK operating system. Job duties later expanded into development of entry and maintenance screens, report programs, and maintenance of daily job programs in both DataBASIC and PROC. Also maintained billing software for beepers and voice mail service. Some work also included MS QuickBasic programming on the PC as well as development of new software and administration of system commands with users such as print job routing. Heavy office duties including user training and word processing.


    Florida Atlantic University. BS Degree for computer science and engineering.
    Graduated May 2000

    Received bachelors in computer science and engineering degree. Course material included programming in various languages such as C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, BASIC, and assembler. Extensive study on computer architecture and mathematics.

    Broward Community College. AA degree for engineering.
    Graduated June 1990

    Received associate in arts degree for engineering. Extensive study in mathematics, physics, calculus, chemistry, and computer basics. Course work also included some Spanish classes as electives and research writing for English.

    Coconut Creek High School. High school diploma with Honors.
    Graduated June 1987

    Graduated with honors from high school with elective study in BASIC computer programming and science courses.


    Research paper writing contest for high school, November 1985, first place.

    Science fair for high school, February 1986, first place.


    Additional references will be furnished upon request.


    Of course the resume can be printed out. Just load up the printer and printer ink and make as many copies as you like!

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